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Chronicle Inspections provides a variety of home inspection and related services to consumers and businesses alike throughout the Greater Seattle area. Accuracy, professionalism, and exemplary customer service are the pillars our company is built on and will always be of the upmost importance when providing any service.


Let Chronicle Inspections conduct your next home inspection or service and see the difference.

Licenses & Education

  • State of Washington Home Inspector License #1352

  • National Association of Real Estate Inspection Evaulation Services (NARIES) Certificate of Completion

Associations & Memberships

  •                   International Association of Certified                        Home Inspectors (InterNACHI):                                   #15061725. Click logo below to verify.


  • National Association of Real Estate Inspection Evaluation Services (NARIES) member


Home inspections are conducted in accordance with the state of Washington's Standards of Practice, which are available on the Washington State Legislature's website (Chapter 308-408C WAC ) and InterNACHI Standards of Practice for Performing a General Home Inspection. Through my inspector association, I am able to take comprehensive continuing education courses to expand and update my knowledge of differing systems of a home, as well become versed in many differenct aspects of the home inspection industry. Below are a few of my certifications.


Click here to view a full list of


Oct '23 Auburn, WA $850,000 (

Highly rated already on Redfin and he did not disappoint. Super quick and thorough also helped answer my questions about the needed repairs and estimated price range.

Oct '23 Seattle, WA $565,000 • 1st Time Buyer

Thorough, communicative, and responsive! Chronicle wrote up a helpful report and responded promptly to follow-up questions.


Jul '23 Seattle, WA $854,000 • 1st Time Buyer

Ryan was extremely helpful and answered any questions we had. He was very thorough with his inspection and we would highly recommend him!

Apr '23 Maple Valley, WA $750,000 • 1st Time Buyer

Thank you Ryan for conducting a thorough inspection and coming up with an excellent report. I appreciate your diligence during the entire inspection process, your taking time to explain the inspection scope, process and summary findings. The report is very professionally presented, providing clear findings and the recommended course of action. Your diligence and attention to detail stands out remarkably. I must say that your inspection report has been of immense help to me in making informed choices.

Mar '23 Shoreline, WA $587,500 • 1st Time Buyer

Ryan was very nice and professional and did a super thorough job of the inspection. My real estate agent and several other people in my circle commented on how detailed it was. He also talked through all of my questions (which were a lot) and offered to continue to answer questions in the future and gave me some helpful hints on what I should or should not nice to do vs must do from future vendors I might have out to the house. I also really like the format of the inspection report itself.

Nov '22 Seattle, WA $590,000 • 1st Time Buyer

Ryan thoroughly inspected the property, taking our focus areas into account and giving a detailed report on all seen issues. The report was timely and issuing payment was simple. 


Apr '22 Seattle, WA $1,595,000

Ryan was amazing and I highly recommend his services! We were very happy with his thorough reports and timeliness. They are invaluable from home offer process to proceeding with hiring contractors for our home repairs.

Nov '21 Seattle, WA $705,000

Ryan at Chronicle Inspections was wonderful to work with during our home buying experience. He made it easy to schedule and was very knowledgeable while doing our inspection. He followed up with a thorough report that we were very happy with.


Oct '21 Seattle, WA $845,000

We were pleased with what Ryan did during his inspection of the condo. He was careful and detailed with his report so that we could see and understand what should or could be done. 


Sep '21 Seattle, WA $837,000

Chronicle Inspections was able to get an inspection done the next day, including writing up a very detailed inspection report that night.

Aug '21 Seattle, WA $925,000

Ryan was able to accommodate a tight inspection contingency turnaround for us. His inspection was highly thorough and informative. The online report was very helpful and well written to show us what was a critical fix and what would be simple maintenance work. He also walked us through everything he had seen in the house before he left and took a lot of time to answer our questions. We will definitely use Chronicle Inspections for any future inspections!


Mar '21 Seattle, WA $705,000 • 1st Time Buyer

Overall good experience. The report included a bunch of issues I had noticed myself when touring the apartment (e.g. safety gaps in railings) and other relevant issues I'm glad were detected and fixed. Process was smooth and easy.


Feb '21 Seattle, WA $820,000 • New Construction

Excellent customer service, response in a timely fashion, knowledgeable and professional. highly recommended!


Feb '21 Redmond, WA $415,000 • 1st Time Buyer

Ryan was able to visit the property next-day during a tight inspection window. He was fast, professional, and thorough. I was able to get the full inspection report within 48 hours. I really recommend Chronicle Inspections if you need an inspection on a property.

Jan '21 Seattle, WA $1,540,000 • 1st Time Buyer

We had a fantastic experience with Chronicle Inspections. Our inspector, Ryan, was really knowledgeable and friendly, did a very thorough job and answered all of our questions. Would highly recommend!


Jun '20 Issaquah, WA $715,000 • 1st Time Buyer

Chronicle Inspections was easy to schedule for your inspection. He was very professional and it was easy to follow up with his feedback.

Feb '18 Seattle, WA

As a contractor in the city, I am constantly reminded companies that communicate well are often times the ones providing the best products. Whether looking for a home inspector or another service it starts with good communication which drives results. Having worked with Ryan on multiple levels he consistently delivers on these qualities.  Ryan is skilled and extremely knowledgable in construction from the ground up and in home renovations. These experiences clearly help him in carefully evaluating homes for his customers.  I have used Ryan’s services in the past and will continue without hesitation.

Sep '15  Everett, WA 

Ryan does a very thorough job. His reports even got compliments from some of my co-workers who have been in the construction industry for 30 years.

Jul '15 Kirkland, WA

Ryan did an awesome job! He was very thorough and professional He also ended up finding a few minor issues with the house that we used to negotiate with the seller to pay a portion of the closing costs. I will definitely be recommending him to friends who start looking for homes in the future!


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