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Chronicle Inspections provides a variety of home inspection and related services to consumers and businesses alike throughout the Greater Seattle area. Accuracy, professionalism, and exemplary customer service are the pillars our company has been built on and will always be of the upmost importance when providing any service.


Let Chronicle Inspections conduct your next home inspection or service and see the difference.

See the online or PDF version of our sample of the type of report we furnish with our home inspections.

A typical home inspection is a visual and noninvasive inspection of the readily accessible systems and components of a home and a reporting on the general condition of those systems and components at the time of the inspection, and includes a written report. These components include the roof, foundation, exterior, interior, insulation, ventilation, heating system, air-conditioning system, structure, plumbing and electrical systems, and other aspects of the home. The inspection also includes looking for certain fire and safety hazards.of

A pre-offer inspection follows the same strategy as a full home inspection but focuses on the main deficiencies and safety concerns of the home and does not include a written report. Pre-offer inspections are typically ordered by a prospective homebuyer that would like to know the condition of a home prior to making an offer.

A pre-listing inspection follows the same strategy and standards of practice as a full inspection but focuses on the main deficiencies of the home and includes a written report. A pre-listing inspection is typically ordered by a prospective home seller that would like to know the condition of a home prior to placing the home on the market.

There are many different needs for home owners and prospective homeowners in terms of inspections, and there are many options available to inspect a home or parts of a home. If you have a need that isn't outlined above, please give me a call and we can deliver a product that will meet your needs!


The most important things understand as a new homeowner is that your home requires care and regular maintenance. As time goes on, parts of your home will wear out, break down, deteriorate, leak, or simply stop working. Even the most vigilant homeowner can, from time to time, miss small problems or forget about performing some routine home repairs and seasonal maintenance. 

Chronicle Inspections can help you with maintaining your home. Consider hiring me to perform a yearly or bi-yearly Home Maintenance Inspection. I'll evaluate all major systems in your home, including plumbing, electrical, heating, HVAC, roof, and structural. I will help you keep your home in good condition and prevent it from suffering serious, long-term and expensive damage from minor issues that should be addressed now. Let's keep your home in great shape together!

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