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Give $20, Get $20*

and you'll  both receive up to a $20 gift card*. It's as easy as that!

Would you like to save a friend money while receiving some as well? Then all you need to do is refer them to Chronicle Inspections for their home inspection! When you do and they purchase and complete a full home inspection, you will receive either a $20 or $10* gift card to your choice to one of the retail outlets listed below, and your friend or family member will get $20 or $10* off their inspection fee.

The steps to earn your reward are easy!

1. Refer anyone that needs a home inspection to Chronicle Inspections and ask them to mention your name.

2. After completing the inspection, we will send out the rewards!

Gift card options include:


Thank you for your continued support and referrals. Contact me now for more information at 206-228-8225 or Please see the terms and conditions below for more info.

*If the inspection fee is $450 and up, the Reward is $20 each. If the inspection fee is between $200-$449, the Reward is $20 each. No referral rewards are given for inspection services priced below $200.


​Terms and Conditions:

  1. Eligible inspections only include completed inspections with fees $200 and up. The availability, or lack thereof, of the inspector to perform an inspection on anyone's timeline, may negate eligibility.

  2. There is a limit of one eGift Card and one discounted inspection reward per referred inspection.

  3. Referral rewards will only be issued to the Referrer and Referred and will not be forwarded to anyone else.

  4. Due to the potential Conflict of Interest, real estate agents brokers and any  and all parties involved in the sale or transaction or that may have a vested  interest in the inspected property are not eligible for the referral gift.

  5. Void where prohibited by law or violating any code of ethics.

  6. If eligible, the Referred, will receive their Reward if they reside in the United States of America. The Reward will be delivered by email, within 1 month from the time at which the Referral is deemed Eligible by Chronicle Inspections.

  7. The Referred participant must reply to the first contact email within 1 month of the date of referred inspection; if not, the Reward is voided.

  8. No one can refer themselves.

  9. We reserve the right to change or cancel the Referral Rewards Program at  anytime without notice.

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